torta 16 anios
Our 16th birthday!
On February 17th we celebrated a new anniversary of our co-op

It's been 16 years since a group of people participating in several Free Software communities understood that cooperativism was the way of organization more closely related with Free Software philosophy: "If we share the code, let's share decisions". So they decided to start a company under this way of organization.

Sixteen years later, we're happy for being a well known Free Software Development Company, and for building our everyday job in a cooperative way. We're proud for proving that it's possible to build democratic companies that think in their members' and their community development.

We're persuaded that working with peers is a fundamental aspect on technological development, since a complex and creative job should be done collectively and cooperatively. We believe that growth is not only an individual matter, that's why we're happy for sharing FACTTIC with more than 400 professionals that consider cooperativism as their way of live.

We're certain that for building a better society we should rethink how we organize, and that cooperativism is a basic aspect for that goal.

We thank our clients, who trust gcoop for solving their technological needs, and we're deeply thankful as well to every developer contributing to a free software project. They build the foundations for our providing high quality services, and we consider each one of them as an important part of our collective construction.