tryton inaes
We released a Tryton integration with INAES for documentation
We continue releasing free software for cooperative management

For years at gcoop, we have been working with Tryton ERP for both our internal management and the developments we carry out aimed at business management.

We seek to liberate everything that can be useful for other companies. Several years ago we developed the CooperativeAR Module that allows managing data from cooperative members:

  • Tax information
  • Vacations and paid leaves
  • Sanctions
  • Attendance to meetings
  • Generation of Surplus Advance Receipts

Regarding the generation of receipts, the system allows batch generation, which is essential for cooperatives with many members. The module was developed to allow loading data from a Cooperative Social Balance. Based on the INAES' Renovar Resolution, the "Information System for Remuneration for Worker Cooperatives" was created, which facilitates the digital management of receipts for the members of a cooperative. That's why we developed an exporting module that allows integrating Tryton with INAES' system.